Need help choosing PSU for XPS 420

Hey guys, I joined the forums today after hearing great things about the support and kindness of people in this community. Here is my situation. Just bought a new GTX 260. It should it in my DELL XPS 420's case w/o a problem. I need to get some reference's on good PSU's for the XPS 420. I've been searching for a couple hours now and found nothing conclusive. I'm looking for ~600 psu to run the card and my tvtuner/bluraydrive/500ghd/quadcore. I think that 600 should be enough but I'd like to know if anyone has any experience or ideas on what PSU would fit.

Thanks a ton in advance.
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  1. Is it standard ATX?

    A good quality 400W PSU could easily run that system.
  2. Almost any standard ATX power supply will fit.
    OCZ 600
  3. Thanks alot guys
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