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hello all im new the board glad to be here. I'm currently building a new rig and im seeking some advice as to wich of these SSD's would be the best for a boot drive all i want on it is Win 7 64 bit and web browser here are my choices

one Intel
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  1. Intel is the better option out of those three SSD but it is out of stock. If you are willing to pay a little more for better performance the OCZ Agility 2 50GB SSD is a nice step up.. IMO
  2. meh im more concerned if the ssd is enough space for a boot drive i'd rather not get a ocz i been reading alot of reviews on their ssd and alot are hit or miss firmware causes data loss and they're support is terrible from what i read i was also considering

    if the 40 gig wasnt enough but im already almost at my budget on this pc as it is if i dont need more then the 40 gig to have a real fast boot time for windows and can throw chrome on that thats great

    advice anyone?
  3. 40GB will be enough for your OS & Chrome/Firefox... Etc. It won't give you much room for many apps. I have the Intel X25-M G2 80GB and I love it!! You won't be sorry going with it. :) It has enough room for Apps and a few games with room to spare.
  4. hmmm your argument is compelling and it also fits my needs bleh i geuss the extra hundred bucks will go a long way i just want something to pull out of the box shove in the box and work haha and i geuss this is the way to go Enough space for win7 chrome ms office and w/e else i need and maybe 1/2 games sickk probably not gonna need another boot drive for a long time i geuss =p

    is this what im looking for ?
  5. Yes... that is the SSD you are looking for.
  6. Alrighty then im gonna not be a cheapo and just shell out the extra 100 dollars from everything i read i wont regret it haha thanks alot for all the help Much appreciated
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