Search/explorer freezes system for about an hr.

whenever i do a search (xp sp3, 2 GIG memory) it freezes my system. I can go to alt tab, and get to anything that was running, but can't start any thing. i'm sure this is a registry issue. but can find a fix.
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  1. First cleanup your startup software, remove anything that is unrecognized, unrelated to OS or running Apps., then look at Services and Hide Microsoft, this will show which services were installed by software, disable the ones that do not belong anywhere.
    Get CCLEANER from FILEHIPPO and run a registry scan.
    If no fix, insert XP install CD and Add Software, go through the list and let it install.
    Or open command prompt and type: sfc /scannow. That will scan and fix damaged windows files. I would run a virus/malware scan first.
  2. yeah, most likely some malware/excessive software installations that are causing overburdening of explorer.

  3. Could be an indexing problem.
  4. Saga, nice signature ! hah

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  6. i did do all the above, ccleaner, malware, registery scans. it all comes down to explorer (not the internet explorer) could be an indexing issue

  7. Right click your C: drive and go to Properties then on the General tab, right at the bottom, untick "Allow etc" then click Apply and OK your way out. After the next restart things may have got better.

    File searching will definitely be slower but i fit iisn't something you do frequently, the trade-off will be worth it.

  8. Saga laut, i tried your suggestion, no change.
    still having the same issue
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