Seemingly s.....l.....o.....w data transfer

(see my member config for gear)

I'm transferring my movies from a single WD1001FALS drive that's on the jMicron controller to a RAID10 array of 4 WD1002FBYS drives on the ICH10R controller. It's transferring at about 90MB/s. That seems slow. This is all SATA II which is 300Gb/s. I have 700GB to transfer.

300Gb/s = 37.5GB/s
700GB/37.5GB = 18.7 seconds

Now I know that's not going to happen. But if I take the 90MB/s rate that Windows is telling me it's transferring at and convert that to Gb/s I get just over 0.7Gb/s. Why is that 428 times slower than the supposed SATA II rate of 300Gb/s??? :sleep: I do know that 300Gb/s is transfer and not write, but 0.7Gb/s seems too slow by comparison to make any sense to me.
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  1. The transfer cant go faster then the slowest part.. In your case the transfer is limited by the fact that you are reading the data off of a single hard disk. 95MB/s in this case is very good in my opinion...

    And writing to your raid10 array will probably max out at about 120-150MB/s but nor relevant since you cant read the data faster anyway
  2. So why is it that in one of the first episodes of Stargate Atlantis, Rodney was able to transfer several hours of video and enormous amounts of data through the wormhole in less than one second? LOL. :)
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