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Alright, so I intend on getting a BFG 9800GT card, which recommends a 12v rail combined amperage of at least 26A on the system with a minimum of 400W running, but was benched using an intel core 2 extreme x6800.

So to my dismay, it seems a bit tricky to find the numbers which represent how much power I need for my setup and not the benchmark.

I am running an amd x2 4800 and the following PSU

which says each of the 12v rails is running at 16A, I did a little searching and tried to do a little math myself on this, but the numbers varied too much to consider myself a reliable source in this situation. So i turn to the forum for help

what would be the max amperage this PSU could pump out into a single rail?
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    9800GT uses around 115W at most, that's 9.5Amps
    The load will be distributed to both rails, I believe, since the card will get power via the pcie slot and the extra pcie power cable, and those two are usually connected to different rails on the psu it self.

    you'll be fine
  2. Makes the case for single rail PSU's, doesn't it? Max amps per rail is the 16 amps listed in specs. Total amperage is generally less. In this case, I would guess 28 - 30 amps total.

    Your power supply should be adequate. Power consumption for a 9800GT ranges from about 3 amps under a 2D load - desktop, etc. - to about 10 amps under a full gaming 3D load.

    Your system should run fine with nongaming graphics loads. Seemingly random shutdowns during gaming indicate an inadequate PSU.
  3. thanks for the helpful information :D
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