HD4870 Can't run games seemingly

Ok I have a Sapphire HD 4870 with 1GB of memory, a Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16ghz and 2gb of ram.
All my games are running terribly slow, for instance I've turned all the settings down on world of warcraft to the lowest they can go and my computer still gets a framerate of around 10fps.
With a graphics card of this caliber the other parts surely couldn't be having such a detrimental effect on the performance so I figured it should really be the graphics card.
I'm seriously considering a reinstall of windows in case it's a software problem so all help is appreciated.
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  1. have you run 3dmark06 on it, might help pinpoint the problem a little? detailed scores please. cpu/sm2&3

    have you tried reinstalling the ati drivers?

    what kind of temps are you getting under load? cpu/gpu

    anything weird showing up on cpu-z or gpu-z?


    other processes that are eating up cpu resources? high kernel usage? hardware conflicts etc?
  2. Don't have 3dmark06, can you point me to it please.
    Yeah I've downloaded new drivers.
    My cpu's temp is constantly below 30 degrees C.
    I did a virus scan yesterday to no avail.
    And there doesn't appear to be anything eating up my system resources.
    In reply to the question about games, I have call of duty 4 which has had its performance halved since about a week ago, left 4 dead, which i can't seem to run on any settings without a ridiculously low fps, crysis I haven't checked, doom 3 seems to be terribly laggy and css gets about 30 fps.
  3. I'm on XP Professional 32-bit.
  4. 3dmark06, you'll only need the basic free version
  5. Oki doki I have about 30 min more on the download, as a bit of extra info I got my processor 2 days ago for christmas, and that appears to be when it started to go really downhill, but I have no idea why because the processor I was using before hand was an old Pentium D @ 3.0ghz...
  6. Did you change your CPU and GPU without re-installing windows?


    Bit-rot alone is a good reason to blow out an install every 3-6 months, but such a dramatic change, you gotta rebuild man, even driver cleaner isn't going to get your system running near optimal compared to a fresh start.

    Back up your essentials and then clean install.

    But also like SS says, make sure you don't also have major hardware conflicts also.
  7. nothing better than starting fresh :bounce:
  8. Ok cheers guys, I'll dl cpu-z and then reinstall windows after ive checked its all compatible.
    I think it should be compatible as my mobo supports crossfire but i dunno, I'll take a look.
    Thanks for all the help.
  9. Ok cpu-z isn't showing much about my processor... I'll take a printscreen.
  10. ConRoeXFire-eSATA2...
    I feel so mad I didn't check this before...
  11. will running it atm cause damage to the cpu because if so I'm gonna switch to my old processor pronto.
  12. ah. heres my issue. supports: - FSB 1066/800/533 MHz
    damn it.
  13. right cheers, ill put in the old one and think about how im gonna sort this out.
  14. http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=ConRoeXFire-eSATA2
    hmm it only supports 1066MHz bus and E8500 uses 1333

    might work if manually overclocked the board to run at 1333FSB (333MHz for real)

    bios update sounds like a really good move at this point...
  15. whoops was I late....
  16. and +1 for P45 mobo, can't go wrong with one of those
  17. so i need a sata2, pci-e supporting mobo with an fsb support for 1333mhz....
  18. what are the g31 chip mobos like?
  19. I'm on a bit of a budget so what does this one look like?
    seems to support all my parts at a glance.
  20. quite good, I'd think
    I have G33 running E6550 at 450FSB (3,15GHz), thats 1800 quadpumped

    but you dont really need the integrated graphics on it.... good to have as a back up I guess
  21. should be decent enough
    but boy, is that abit board ugly, lol, nasty colours

    and abit is pulling out of the mobo business, so support might be a bit scarce...
  22. its the cheapest 1333mhz supporting one they have so im not too bothered about the integrated graphics.
    on another note, i have a big typh 120 cooler which has a backplate stuckto the mobo, just wondering if i can reuse this in any shape or form... not really wanting to spend more money than i have to.
  23. the back plate should come off quite easily, they are usually just plugged into those screw holes. maybe a bit of doubblesided tape in between
  24. yeah theres tape, but ill give it a shot.
    thanks for all the help guys, probably gonna go get that motherboard within the hour, just waiting for my dad to get back from whatever it is hes doing.
  25. If you wanna be cheap, but still good, I would go for a P43 instead.
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