Fans on my CM HAF 922

I have a cooler master haf 922. Is it advisable to just plug the fans directly into the motherboard or to the molex cable? What happens if you plug the fans into the motherboard?

I also added a 200 mm side case fan. But I would have to plug this on the molex connection.
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  1. The motherboard fan headers are meant to be connected to your fans lol, there's no disadvantages of using it, apart from possible cable management if it cannot reach a fan header for example.
  2. If you plug it into you're motherboard than the fan speed will be controlled by the motherboard. They will go faster when things get hotter. If you plug it into the molex then it will run at one speed all the time (which some fans allow you to adjust). If you want to be able to adjust the fan speed on all your fans (if you have more than could be plugged into the motherboard) then you can get a fan controller.
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