Overclocking 8800GTX no change?

Hi i bought a XFX 8800GTX and well it came clocked at the normal speeds 575mhz and so on, and well when i overclock it i got to 650mhz but i see no differance in performance and i play thinks like COD5WAW on high with a res of 1600x1050 so why do i not see an increase in the GPU?? can anyone help i used rivatuner and i overclocked my shader to 1400 and my memory to 900...
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  1. Try overclocking your CPU, I suspect it, rather than your graphics card may be the holdup here.
  2. is there any vsync option you enabled?
    what do you use to measure your fps?
  3. umm well i turned v sync on and i use the far cry 2 benchmark
  4. vsync- off,it locks your framerate to Your monitors refresh rate.Also make sure fan is at 100% while playing with that kind of oc.
  5. yup vsync locks fps. disable it and you should see increase in fps.
  6. Well it could be a CPU bottleneck.
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