32 xp pro vs 64 bit vista business

Just got my system built and I was looking for input on O/S installation.

I have either a 32 bit XP PROFESSIONAL key or a 64 bit VISTA BUSINESS key to install.

my system:
case: Thermaltake Armor
cpu: Intel Core2Duo e6850 3.0 (with stock intel cpu cooler/fan mount
RAM: 4 x 1 gb OCZ HPC edition @ 1066 bus
VIDEO: hd4870 1gb ddr5
MOBO: Gigabyte DQ6 x48 chipset
HDDs: 2 x 500gb 32mb cache Seagate (7200 rpm)
OPTI: 2 x Liteon DVD+-RW
PSU: Silverstone 800w 66a 90%+ efficiency

I would like to get the benefits of the 4gb RAM, but if VISTA takes the extra RAM anyway, I can stick with 3gb on the XP PRO....
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  1. With 4GB of RAM, I'd install 64-bit Vista without a doubt. Vista manages resources better than XP. 32-bit is a dying breed. I personally run 64-bit Vista and would never consider going back to XP.
  2. ^+1

    The days of XP trumping Vista are long gone.
  3. Consider your applications. If they'll run on Vista, get Vista. If they won't, then you can either upgrade the application if possible, or use XP.
  4. I will be mostly Gaming on this rig, along with the usual Office Apps.
    Trend Micro is my security, and it may not work, but other than that I should be alright.
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