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First off I have a 120GB Fujitsu 2.5" HDD and I want to use it in my desktop temporarily for my Windows 7 Home Premium, can I use it? Second, 2 weeks later I will have the money for a 40GB 2.5" SSD Intel X25-V that I would like to transfer the OS from the temporary drive to the SSD? I know the SSDs Read speed is 170/MB and the write is 35/MB but that doesn't matter to me because it's faster than a hard drive at 7200RPM.
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  1. You may need one of these. You should be able to do it. Install the OS on the 2.5 HDD, then using the SSD mfr's utilities to clone your 2.5 HDD to the SSD. The Intel support page has a link to cloning software.
  2. I just got another idea, what if I installed it to the Hard Drive then when I get my SSD I format my HDD then reinstall my OS on my SSD since that's all I'm putting on it.
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    That will work just fine. If you load the OS to the HDD before you get your SSD, you'll have time to configure it the way you want it. Cloning that HDD to the SSD saves your configuration, and the time it takes to install the OS to the SSD.
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