1st Time 64 BIT VISTA install, please help!


I posted earlier regarding 32 bit XP PRO vs 64 bit VISTA BUSINESS, and the advice was to definately go with the 64 bit VISTA.

Question, what do I need to know, this is my FIRST time installing a 64 bit O/S and FIRST time installing a fresh VISTA.

Do I need to change anything in BIOS settings prior or after in regards to 64 BIT???

Any advice would be VERY appreciated!!!

My rig is:
case: Thermaltake Armor
cpu: Intel Core2Duo e6850 3.0 (with stock intel cpu cooler/fan mount
RAM: 4 x 1 gb OCZ HPC edition @ 1066 bus
VIDEO: hd4870 1gb ddr5
MOBO: Gigabyte DQ6 x48 chipset
HDDs: 2 x 500gb 32mb cache Seagate (7200 rpm)
OPTI: 2 x Liteon DVD+-RW
PSU: Silverstone 800w 66a 90%+ efficiency
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  1. Place the Disk in the drive and go.... should just install.

    If it blue screens then it could be HDD settings in BIOS or too many ram sticks in which case install with 1 and add the others after install.

    Vista installs fine on new gear like yours. In fact i have the same MB and had no issues with Vista64 Ultimate.
  2. Don't need to change bios or anything :). Only thing that you need is 64 bit drivers (for your chipset, audio and graphics card) somewhere ready to install, if you haven't already got. But because your motherboard is knew it should have the 64 bit drivers on the cd, so you don't really need to worry.

    No hidden tricks :) Good luck.
  3. OHHH BTW Ctrl+ F2 = advanced options on that gigabyte DQ6
  4. One suggestion though. If your computer blue screens or freezes during the installation, reduce the RAM in your system to 1GB or 2GB until after you are finished with the install. There are some issues with Vista 64bit installing with 4GB or RAM or more. Just a heads up.
  5. Thanks guys!

    Its installing now, its on the EXPANDING FILES segment....

    One problem, it seems to stop and wait a while on many segments, as of it was hanging.
    I just opened the DVD tray and closed it and it continued on....
    Strange though.
  6. the only problem i've had with installing vista x64 is that the installer BSoD'd after the first reboot. after a little bit of research i did, apparently having 4GB of ram installed causes this. so i removed 2 DIMMS to make a total of 2GB and reinstalled vista without a hitch :)
  7. I'm going to be installing vista tomorrow too. Once I install it with only 2gb, do I just pop the other RAM in and it'll recognize 4gb when it starts automatically?
  8. DanielCD said:
    I'm going to be installing vista tomorrow too. Once I install it with only 2gb, do I just pop the other RAM in and it'll recognize 4gb when it starts automatically?

    Yup. After Vista 64 bit is finished installing with 2GB, power off machine, pop in extra RAM, and you should be set.
  9. Install with all the ram first, Vista sp1 adressed the ram issue.

    If you get a blue screen then install with 1 stick, do your updates and then add the other ram
  10. I'm not doing my build for a little while, but my Vista Enterprise 64 is a pretty old version (2007, maybe) I'll probably do 1 stick (2GB) at a time. Any other problems to expect with Vista 64 non-SP1?
  11. The ram issue is the only problem i have ever experienced. The DQ6 disk has all the drivers youll need except Video.
  12. Thanks for everyone's input on the thread!

    The install went flawlessly with the DQ6 with full 4x1gb OCZ HPC edition Reaper 1200's.
    They were instantly recognized as 1066 @ 4x1.

    Vista 64 BIT Business installed with no BSOD's and no problems (besides having to reinsert the DVD twice, but it was a ISO image burned from a friend's student site).

    I was able to install with all 4 sticks of RAM in place as well.

    I have had 2 BSOD while adjusting settings in CATALYST for my ATI HD4870, and 2 crashes during game bootups.
    I have since reinstalled the 64 bit HD4870 driver, seems fine now.

    Also, the only BIOS change I had to make for the DQ6 for 64 BIT operations, was changing HPET to 64 BIT mode from 32 BIT mode.

    Haven't tried CTRL + F2 yet, will do that next boot.

    Thanks again!
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