Computer will not recognize LG WH08LS20 as Blu-Ray

My computer thinks LG WH08LS20 is a DVD rather than a Blu-Ray burner so it will not show up in Blu-Ray authoring software such as Adobe Encore Cs4 (Windows 7 Home Edition). Any suggestions?
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  1. What is listed on the device manager? Do you see the model number of the drive?
    You may want to secure an update for your CS4?

    Are you able to play Blue Ray movie on your Drive?

    Optical drives don't require special drivers. The OS and application software should recognize the drive. If one of your application software don't recognize the drive then it may need an update.
  2. Worked with HP support for several days to try to get Blu-Ray to be recognized properly. Restored HP computer back to original condition 3 times - the drive was recognized, but then caused Windows to freeze up. Microsoft said this drive was compatible with Windows 7-64 bit, but LG manufacturer's website didn't list Windows 7 as being compatible.

    The moral of the story - there are not many Blu-Ray burners out there that are compatible with Windows 7. LG makes most of them and only a few are listed as Windows 7 compatible. Make sure you check the manufacturer's website for compatibility and not just Microsoft and do not rely on your sales person to choose the proper product for you.

    Had to return the original Blu-Ray to the supplier and I just purchased another LG Blu-Ray that says it is compatible - will let you know. Thanks!
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