SCSI for windows/boot?

I was looking through hard drives, and decided that with my new pc I'm gonna go with 10k rpm for boot, and big storage drive 7200rpm. Never had SCSI drive, how about this one?

Description: IBM - 73.4GB 10000RPM ULTRA320 80PIN SCSI 3.5INCH HOT SWAP HARD DISK DRIVE (30R5094). IN STOCK


I always imagined that they should cost 150+++ for low GB`s is there something I should know?
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  1. What SCSI card were you going for? Just get a velociraptor! I'm using 150GB as my boot drive on an add-in SATA 300 card on a PCI-e slot. If you have SATA 300 Mobo, just plug it in. It's a 10k drive. HDTune gives 99 Mb/s average with 111 Mb/s burst mode and 7.4 ms average seek time. I have used a 70 Gb 10k SCSI drive in the pasr and it wasn't as fast. ( I have an AHA 2940U2W card) Velociraptors also come in 300 Gb capacity. They are also very quiet, 10k SCSI drives are used in servers and can be noisy and hot.

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