Visiontek HD2600xt AGP Really Overclocked

Just thought Id post that I've finally oc'd the Visiontek HD2600xt AGP. So far just XP. Using latest visiontek drivers,and Ati Tray Tools So far only stable at 837 core and 711 memory. But very nice performance boost. The main thing that really was the problem with this card was how hot that it ran 68c idle 80c to 90c+ under load. As soon as you moved the core clock at all it was instant 80c. So I removed the card, cleaned it, removed the heat sinks and fan, (2 screws!) and applied some arctic silver!!! Put it all back together, am now running at 42c with default clock settings and it never gets more than a degree higher. Overclocked at 56c nice!!!
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  1. Good for you. That should be a pretty decent boost over the stock speeds.
  2. It still seems pretty hot but 837 core is very nce.
  3. It really doesnt seem to get any hotter or cooler going higher up you just eventually get artifacts with it higher than about 845 core and 720 memory. It runs 42c at 800/700 and jumps to 56c as soon as you move it up even a couple mhz.
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