Temp Issues Athlon X2 6400+ Black Edition

My rig was put together with the intention of doing so in the future. Before I do this, I have an issue with temps. I am getting warnings about temps, although it has been solid as a rock for two years now. I have a scythe cooler with four heat-pipes. I have always just ignored the temp as it seems way too high to be real. I have overclocked the video card, and it has been stable forever as well. I have a good case with excellent airflow, and apart from the temp warning for the CPU, everything has been fine. I just want too make sure that before I embark on overclocking I am sure that my temps are not going to be an issue.
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  1. Depends on the cooler you are using. The thermal diode on Windsor chips is suppose to work fine but I have heard of it being more than a bit off. Of course, the Brisbane chips always reported wonky temps. Anyway, if you can run Prim 95 for a while without errors and you don't set the voltage too high, you should be fine.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What exactly temperature do you have?.

    Now, maybe you need remove your cooler and apply a new thermal paste. Also check in the BIOS the option for the warning option, could be to a low temp.
  3. Definitely we would like to know what your temperature readings are. What you really want to look at is core CPU temps. I know on my system I get around 30C on idle with the core CPUs but the overall CPU temperature reading is usually 10 degrees higher.

    Knowing what your temps are will help us, but saint19 is correct. Maybe you never had the heat sink on properly or didn't have enough or even TOO much thermal paste? Too little or too much will affect how well the heat sink draws the heat away from the CPU.
  4. Hi there guys, thanks for the responses.
    PC probeII tells me I have a temperature ranging from 92c to 99c. The motherboard is 32c. PC Wizard also informs me that the CPU is running 95c. I have a been into the bios and it tells me the same thing. The GPU is running 48c, 36c ambient. HD 27c.
    This machine has been running a couple of years now without any issues. The temps have always been high for the CPU. I will remove the heatsink and reapply paste asap.
    I have run benchmark tests and prime and never encountered any problems. I always never believed the CPU could run at 100c and survive. It has never been overclocked, and the machine does a lot of work for extended periods. Never get a bsod.
  5. ^U right, as far I know, the max temp that can support an AMD processor is 80 or 85 and not 24/7.

    I think that you need apply a new thermal paste, clean all the rig and test again.
  6. OMG CANADISH. Dude that's WAYYYYYY too hot, you should power down RIGHT NOW. I was just checkin this info myself cause I have the exact same one. On AMD forums they say over 55-63c is in the danger zone. I have a ZALMAN CNPS9700 LED 110mm heatsink/fan, and just cleaned all the dust and re-applied thermal paste. It's idling at 35c, and haven't tested yet, but with heavy load probably around 60c. Hope you didn't fry your CPU, and you should definitely think twice about OCin until those temps come down. Good luck.
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