ATI4850 not compatible with Power DVD BD?

I got a new Liteon BD player for X-mas.(401s) it came bundled with Power DVD 7.1 Ultra and come to find out that it is incompatible with my 4850ATI running under XP due to it's unability to see the copy right incoding on that card. It tells me I have to up-grade to Dr Ver 7.1 when I am running 8.1? Anyone know a workaround for this as I would like to vew some BD movies? Thanks
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  1. Are you using a dvi or hdmi cable to connect to your monitor? (vga will not work as it is not hdcp compliant)
  2. DVI Samsung HD 1080p Monitor with built in HDTV tuner.
  3. Download Any DvD HD, it will get rid of the copyright crap and allow you to play.

    There is a free trial, if you like it, buy it.
  4. I already have Any DVD and have for many years and upgraded to HD version but when the disk goes on there is great sound but no picture?

    Looks like you need power DVD Ultra 8.

    Look at the comparison tab. ultra 8 is the only one listed to play Blue Ray.
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