EVGA 260 core 216 SLI power requirements?

I'm looking to run two EVGA core 216 in SLI, but my power supply is a little on the weak side.
It's the Seasonic 600w M12...+12 is 48A...i am a complete noob when it comes to PSUs, will that be enough?
It is not certified on the SLIzone requirements, but I really like this PSU as it's modular, and is cheeeeap at 110...
Should I go with a Corsair 750w instead? cost me alot more though. 40+
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  1. If you're doing a single gtx 260 that should be fine, not sure with SLI though - if you do SLI it would probably be best to go with the 750w corsair.

    I have the EVGA gtx 260 core 216 box in front of me and it says you need at least a 500w power supply with at least 36 amps on a 12v rail. By the way, you can go for the superclocked version of the card for $20 more (well, it was this weekend) and get far cry 2 for free if you don't have it.

    You'll also need two six pin power connectors (but I think it has adapters included)
  2. does it say anything about SLI power requirements on the back?
    i have no doubt 600w will run a core 216 easy
  3. http://www.slizone.com/object/slizone_build_psu.html

    For two GTX 260's the "smallest" GPU they listed was a 750W, most of them are 850-1000W PSUs. Just go to that site, it lists their recommended PSUs for different SLI setups.
  4. yes, CERTIFIED, as in works 100% doesn't mean a lower wattage will not work.
    i'm sure a 650 or 700 will be fine....but 600w worries me
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006&Tpk=Corsair%20750w

    i'll be the first to admit that i am not a computer genius, but i would say it is better to be safe than sorry. And as you said yourself, you have doubts that your 600w PSU will cut it.

    This looked nice to me from a good name, with a fantastic (in my opinion) price.
  6. ya that's what i'm looking at getting....if only it were modular :(
    only reason i'm thinking of sticking with the seasonic m12 is cuz it's modular..wish it was 700w i'd be in looove.
  7. psh i'm so tired...

    read manufacturer as modular
  8. hahaha np!
    not required to be modular...it's just really sexy if it had it.
    bad news for me, i wasn't able to change my seasonix m12 600w to a corsair tx750w on time...so i guess i'll be stuck using 1 video card til something nice goes on sale...o well, vid cars are $$$$ right now anyways
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