External HDD failure

Hello everyone.

I own an external HDD for about 4 years now.
It's a Maxtor Basics Desktop Storage 1TB.

A few days ago I tried to access it from My Computer but windows popped an error "The disk in drive H is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"

Of course I didn't click Yes, but what I did do, is freak out.

Since then I have learned a whole lot about how hard disks work, and realized that somehow the partition table was damaged and this is why I cannot access the drive.

I have used several programs to help me revive the disk, like TestDisk, Partition Table Doctor (which I think killed my drive conclusively) and some other programs to help me copy the data from the disk (Power data recovery and some other, which were able to access the folders and view the contents, but unable to execute it even after copying the files to my desktop).

Further more, the wonderful and most kind application Partition Table Doctor" screwed the drive up. After I used the Fixboot feature, it turned the drive from a 1000GB drive to a 43GB drive (TestDisk application even mentioned the drive is somewhat small, and after a search it identifies it as a 1000GB drive - but it cannot do anything about it probably, since I was not able to make it revive it).

I know this issue probably closed itself once Partition Table Doctor ruined the disk even more, but is there any hope for me?

Thanks for any help granted!
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  1. I wasnt able to edit the original message for some reason, so this is why I replied:

    I am attaching this photo to show you what TestDisk tells me once it finishes performing the search on the drive:
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