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Hey i have a preatty good PS/2 port keyboard it was working fine yesterday, than all of a sudden a messange came up. Me Being stupid just clicked cancle because i thought it was the thing about holding down the shift too long. Now my PS/2 keyboard will not connect, i know it works because it worked on my other computer. Right now im using some crapy usb keyboard i found in my basement. How do i get it to work again, Ohh and im running windows vista Ultimate.
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  1. does it show any errors in device manager. if so you may just need to uninstall from device manager and restart you computer so it can reinstall it. if that does not work see what code it gives in device manager id it still gives you any errors.
  2. well at first it said it was functioning properly.

    Now it doesn't even recognize it
  3. drag. it it will not even recognize it now then it sounds like it went bad on you. factor into all the issues you are having with it and now doesn't even reconize it. guess its time to get a new mobo
  4. see i was hitting keys on my PS/2 keyboard and a message came up and i ignored i think i somehow disabled it

    my mobo is practicaly brand new its a P5Q-Pro

    if i can't fix ill probably go out and buy a better usb interface keyboard

  5. well then the place to check would be the BIOS. if it doesn't show up in device manager in windows then windows cannot see it which means it is bad or disabled

    New mobo's can go at any time just like anything else
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