Step up to 55nm gtx 260 core 216

I currently have an evga superclocked gtx 260 core 216. I was looking at the step up program and it allows me to upgrade to the 55nm gtx 260 core 216 but not the superclocked version. I'm kind of stuck in a dilemma here. I don't know if it's worth it to do the step up to the 55nm version because I am unsure if i can reach higher clock speeds with it. I oc my superclocked card to 710/2500/1430 occasionally. Thanks.

edit: btw it will cost me about 10 dollars because of shipping to make this upgrade.
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  1. It should run cooler than what you have.
    Maybe overclock higher.
    I would just keep what you have unless you are experiencing problems.
  2. thanks for the advice and a for responding after having to wait four days. That's what they said on a different forum so i will trust you guys.
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