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I have an ASUS Striker Extreme, which has four ram slots, two sets of two linked, as I understand it, for dual channel DDR2 ram. (Please forgive my lack of ram vocabulary if I'm getting this wrong). Here's my problem. I am running with two 2GB sticks. They are not expressly on the approved vendor list, but they were recommended by someone else using the same motherboard and are 2GB versions of 1GB sticks which are on the approved vendor list -- Kingston HyperX DDR2-800 -- running at 4-4-4-12 @1.9v. But I can't get the motherboard to recognize both sticks if I place them in the "dual channel" slots. My guess is that the second of the "blue" slots is malfunctioning, but before I spend a lot of time troubleshooting or possibly rmaing my board, I wanted to ask -- is it worth the bother? How much am I hamstringing myself if I'm not getting the benefit of running the ram in dual channel mode?

Thanks very much for any thoughts you might have. Matt
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  1. I guess you try your RAM chips on another motherboard, and RAM chips similar to the ones you're trying to get to work on your motherboard. Let me know if everything checks out.
  2. Does the board work with only 1 stick, and you have tried both sticks seperately to make sure one of them is not bad?

    If so go ahead and do this:

    Install 1, go into the BIOS, make sure the settings and voltage are being detected and set correctly. The voltage especially, make sure it is set at 1.9. If that doens't work, try setting the voltage to 2.0. I wouldn't go above that though.
  3. Hey matthrice, have you tried out what we've suggested? Was the problem resolved?
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