Hdd not seen by raid controller or bios

Maybe my raid died... hope not.
I have three 1tb hdds in raid 0 working fine till I booted today. Today the raid controller could not find 1 of the drives.

Basically when all hdds are connected, the system waits for the raid controller for a long time.................... and if I unplug the "bad" hdd it posts fast as. But I have taken all hdds out and plugged em into a separate machine one by one and they are seen in bios or raid controller like normal...? Plug em in one by one to my main machine either in raid or native ide and the "bad" hdd is still not detected.

The MB is Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H rev.1
My raid is controlled by the SB850 southbridge.
hdds are:
2 x Samsung HD103UJ
1 x Samsung HD103SJ ("bad")

Any suggestions or thoughts would be of great help.

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  1. Okay an update. After knocking them around a bit (getting them out of cage and getting the product numbers etc) and putting em back in my sys they work and raid is ready... I am extremely happy :) but anyone have an explanation?

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