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Anyways, I posted in the VGA section concerning this, but apparently the more we discussed the more it seemed like something else.

So here's the situation, for the past few years, I have been using this pc and it was alright. But just recently I have noticed an occurrences of lag everywhere.

I have been experiencing a slow boot time, loading up windows takes a little longer than it used to,
.mkv video files I used to watch without problem was starting to become laggy and choppy, with the audio way ahead of the pictures,
games I used to run without much problem is starting to load a lot slower, and got really laggy,
and even browsing through folders or even firefox is taking awhile to load, and can get laggy too.

So yea, lag lag and lag. At first I thought I must've been hit by some virus or spywares/malwares, so I cleaned up my pc with a couple of different antivirus and got nothing, and I thought maybe I will just reformat, but even after that, the lag was still there.

I started to consider them to be hardware related, so I checked on the VGA forums regarding this, and apparently all of them don't think it's VGA-related, rather was a hard drive related problem. Someone also mentioned it could be software related (what does that mean?) So anyways, I need help, is this really a hdd problem? Backing stuffs up is easy, but is the hdd unusable anymore? Not even as a secondary? Currently I m running on a primary (supposingly problematic hdd, after hdtune's checking, was in yellow warning status) and a secondary (still healthy hdd), so the primary itself has caused the lag everywhere?

Please helps! x_X kinda worried.

My pc specs:
OS: Win XP SP3
Processor: Pentium D 2.8GHz
RAM: 2944MB RAM (2x 1GB, 2x 512MB)
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 7300GT (256mb)
Motherboard: ConRoeXFire-eSATA2
DirectX 9c

Should I be including any other info?
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  1. If you're willing to spend the time reinstalling the OS and your applications then you'll probably get a speed improvement. Systems slow down over time because new files are constantly being added due to patches, logging etc. and not all of them are deleted.
  2. I have (haven't I?) I reformatted and started over, but the speed was still the same. @_@;
  3. If by "reformat" you mean "reinstall the OS and your applications", then yes, I guess you have.

    If you've got a yellow warning flag on your hard drive that that may well be your problem. Does your drive show up as being in "PIO" mode under Device Manager? If so, then you probably have a port, cable or drive problem - try replacing the cable first and then uninstalling the driver / rebooting to reset it back to DMA mode.
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