Step up to GTX 295 or go SLI 260

I have a GTX 260 Core 216 right now, and its just not powerful enough for my montior :fou: So I am debating either getting another GTX 260 or going the GTX 295 route. I know it is basically just two 260's together, so there shouldn't be any difference if I were to just get another 260 now instead of waiting right?

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  1. There is a slight difference as the GTX295 has more SP enabled, the same amount on the GTX280. (240?) This should make the GTX295 more powerful then SLI GTX260.

    What monitor are you using? Why is the GTX260 216 not enough?
  2. It is a 1920x1200 26" monitor. I was originally going to go SLI, but had to wait until christmas to get some money. But then the 295 was announced an I was unsure which direction to go. Thanks.
  3. Well, you will probably be able to get more performance out of two overclocked 260 core 216s than the 295. Considering that the 295 has the same 448 bit memory interface but is stuffed into a dual slot cooling solution you can cool two of those 260s much easier and thus overclock them further. Even if you leave them at stock clocks the performance difference between the 260 core 216s in SLi and the 295 should be pretty small. I say just get another card to SLi them as you have already made an investment in your current board and GPU.
  4. Performance difference will be small, but the GTX295 should still be faster. It has the same clocks as the stock GTX260. You would have to overclock that card pretty far to make up for the lower number of SP. Performance should be close, but the GTX295 is probably a hair faster. Seeing as the performance would be close you need to chose some other metric to decide. Heat, power draw, bundle, price, etc.
  5. Well, I assume it would be cheaper using the EVGA Step Up, if it is priced at $499. I am concerned a little about heat, only because my i7 chip runs so hot (at least compared to the q6600 I had). I will have to wait until the offical reviews come out. Thanks for the advice, I guess I will wait a few weeks before making any decisions.
  6. pity you can't get both like you could with ati :P imo stepup to the 295...
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