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Hi. First of all, excuse me for my poor english.

I have installed a new system with W7-64 bits, and I am trying to use my old DVD burner on it (it is a IDE unit, LG model GSA-H12N). The motherboard is a Gigabyte GPA890-UD3H.

At first, it worked well. I installed W7 from the DVD without any problem. Then, I installed the MB drivers from the DVD, again without problems. This was the last time it worked: then, it began to "freeze" even to open, it did not respond. Tried again in the old computer (with XP), it worked perfectly. As far as Microsoft web says, the model is compatible with W7-64 bits.

After lots of tries, I realized that if I installed another drive (wathever it is) in the same IDE cable, the unit began to work. It does not matter if it is in slave or master position (as far as you put the jumper in the right place, of course), if there are two units in the cable, it works. If it is alone, it does not. On the old computer, it works perfectly alone.

However, this applies only to its behaviour as DVD/CD reader; with two units attached to the IDE cable, it reads, but it does not write (burn).

Any tip on this problem?
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  1. Oh, I forgot to say that the device manager in W7 shows it correctly, with the right model, with updated drivers, and without conflicts.
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