AMD ZM82 vs Intel Core 2 Duo T5800

I am deciding between a Sony NS11J/S laptop with an Intel core 2 Duo T5800 CPU, 2GHZ, 2MB L2 Cache, 800 FSB, 4GB RAM or the HP DV5-1112 with an AMD ZM82 CPU, 2 GHZ, 2 MB L2 Cache, 3600 FSB, 4GB RAM plus 256 dedicated graphics card memory. The HP is approx £44 more expensive than the Sony. What I do not understand is the relevance of the FSB in the AMD, I understand it does not actualy have a FSB so what does this figure mean and is it directly comparible to the Intel FSB figure i.e. is it 4.5 times as fast? I will be internet browsing and home video/photo editing mostly. Also the Sony cannot take more that 4GB memory so I cannot upgrade it in the future, will this matter?
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  1. The sony has a faster CPU but the HP has a much better video card(radeon 3450). I would chose the HP IMO the better graphics hardware would make for a better user experience. That being said do you travel? I bought a laptop once(I seldom travel) and realized for the same money I could get a much more capable desktop.
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