In light of the GTX295

I have been considering different graphics cards for my new build, everyday i change my mind due to new info eg. GTX295
in light of this i have narrowed down my options, for gaming with games such as Farcry 2 , Crysis I live in Australia so the gtx295 may not be released for some time. i have to finalise my decision buy around the 15th Jan

A. Wait for the GTX295
B. HD4870X2
C. GTX280
D. GTX260 black edtion.

Can anyone provide input or other options, i will be using a 19-21 inch or possibly a 24inch monitor. my budget for the card is around 900 AUD but possibly 1000. as i said it is for a new build, which has to be ready for boarding school by the 25th Jan.

it will be used in my new core i7 920 sytem

What do you think?
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  1. Get the 4870 X2 if the GTX 295 is not out when you buy. and if it is then get whichever is cheapest. They are basically the same card performance wise.
  2. thanks. do you think because the x58 mobos now are not SLI certified i should definatley just go with a ATI card?
  3. GTX295 is not SLI per se, so it will work on any mobo.
  4. performance wise the gtx295 is a good 8-15% faster. i would wait till the gtx295 comes out. reviews shows its beats the 4870x2 and can only get even better with mature drivers.
  5. Thanks, any idea of a release date for the GTX295 in Australia
  6. Oh an Aussie eh? I'd be more worried about price than release date. I'd say around $800.
  7. :??: 4870X2's are $700-800 here in aus :lol: feel sorry for your wallet dude... do you even need that kind of horsepower though? what res are you playing on??
  8. Not sure of the res. but i will be using my 21inch samsung lcd tv
    i could upgrade to a 24inch asus monitor if it is necessary
  9. wow! epic overkill! a 4870/260 would be fine. 280 max
  10. you dont know what monitor you will use?

    Make that choice first . If its a 19 inch widescreen lcd then even a gtx 260 or 4870 is over kill .

    More is not always better . It just costs more so it makes you feel a bit special
  11. Good point. but will the 260 or 4870 still perform well? with crysis and farcry 2
  12. He said LCD TV... most 21inch samsung lcd tv have less resolution... Do really need a GTX295 for 24inch LCD monitor? maybe early price drops of GTX280 and HD4870 X2 when GTX295 launches will be great for you.
  13. Yeah IMO, figure out which of the HD4870 and GTX260 plays the games you like the best and then buy that.

    Save your money for beer, etc.

    Upgrade later when new cards and games come out, for now those two will play most any game at your HD TV-ish resolutions.
  14. i doubt two gpus would scale at all at res's that low... save the cash and get a 260-216 or a 4870 depending on the games you play...
  15. Since you are in such a time crunch and don't have time to wait for the 295 to come out, I would suggest that you go with a lower evga graphics card and when the 295 comes out just use there step up program and get the 295 when you can, evga also in my opinion is the best graphics card company out there when it comes to loyalty to customers and customer service, as well as quality build.
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