CPU Overheating? problems.

Hi there, latley i have been having tones of problems with my computer.. I thought id come on here and ask you guys and maybe get some assistance. Heres my story:

When i play WoW or any video game, after playing awhile my game or sometimes even my computer crashes, i download Cpuid hardware monitor and at idle im around 45-50c and playing games i get up around 70-75c As the days go by by my games crash more and more frequent. All my fans are working i have 2 in the front, one on top, 1 in the back and of coarse my cpu fan. I'm getting more and more flustered with this issue and was wondering if someone could help. I bought some thermal paste applied it and it didnt seem to do anything. Maybe i applied it wrong im not sure lol

My specs :
Mobo: M2N-sli Asus
CPU: Amd athlon x2 6400 stock fan
ram: 2gb kingston D2N6
video: 8800gt
160 gb harddrive
Windows xp

I havnt done any overclocking everything is at stock
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  1. The AMD 6400 is an extremely hot chip. It has a TDP of 125W if i'm not mistaken. However, it definitely should not be running that hot. Make sure that your CPU heatsink fan is running at the right speed.

    What temp is your graphics card hitting?
    Oh, and also, make sure you have a good airflow inside your case. Generally, you'll want to suck air in at the front and blow it out the back.
  2. My Gpu seems to be from 67-73 is that way hot?
  3. thanks for the information guys, ill get to work, and let you know the outcome.
  4. Okay, I went to the store and bought a can of air, and Artic silver thermal paste.. I Cleaned my case in and out.. ( lets just say theres no dust) I applied the thermal paste. I also perfected my fan situation and set them all to high mode.

    This seems to be sucessfull, instead of idling 45-50 with my cpu im between 34-40
    And with my video card instead of reaching 73 in game i hit around 62...

    This may not be Really really good, but its certainly better.. I think my next step is going to buy a better heatsink and a pci-cooler just to be safe..

    Anyways thanks alot guys for all the help and suggestions.
  5. Hi all,
    There is overheating problem in amd 6400 processor so the solution is to install the better fan, i'm using zalman 9500 and i'm getting 56 degrees celsius under full load.

    Good luck.
  6. The CPU is defective.
    You need to return it for warranty.

    amd phenomII X4 965 Black edition CPU


    You will get anywhere from a few weeks to a month out of the new processor and it will again start to have this issue of making your system crash and burn.

    Nothing you can do....you computer will get worse and worse for freezing up when it gets hot.

    I was warned about buying this cpu and now I am stuck with the stupid thing.

    never again will I buy amd
  7. Oh just the shut up with that crap.
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