Secondary HD disappears on sleep/hibernate

I've read a couple unresolved threads on this and have gotten no where, so here goes:

I installed a secondary IDE drive (160gb) and everything works swell. However, when the computer sleeps or hibernates and I wake it up, that second drive has disappeared, both from My Computer and Device Manager. I can rescan with Device Manager and find it again, but this isn't a practical solution. The drivers are all up to date.

This computer is a headless FTP server, and won't get enough use to justify letting it run all the time. I can wake it up via the network card to access it, however, the drive that I store stuff on is that second drive, and if it disappears, I obviously can't access the data on it remotely.

HP D530 sff
P4 2.53 Ghz
768 MB Ram
40 GB main drive, 160 GB secondary
XP Pro

Thanks all.
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  1. Try updating the bios.
  2. possibly the drive is going bad, do you have any other drives laying around you could try?
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