I7 930 4.0ghz freezing only in counterstrike

im really getting annoyed. Quick system and overclock info

i7 930 @ 4.0ghz
evga x58 sli li mobo
evga gtx 280
gamexstream 750w
antec 900
h50 corsair
6gb corsair xms 1600mhz

vcore 1.325
gpi auto (1.1)
cpu pll auto (1.8)
dimm 1.66

speedstep,spectrum,turbo off
HT on

temps = 35-40c idle 65-70 load
gpu - 42c-50c

linx passed 20 times on max memory took 1:30 hours
prime95 passed 24-30 hours
intelburntest passed all 5 times no errors

wtheck is going on? its stable but when i launch counterstrike 1.6 which shouldnt even take any thing to load or play 2-3 mins into the game the whole system freezes.

i've tried going stock settings in bios still freezes, i've tried taking out every single part and putting them back in with new thermal paste, etc. I've tried reinstalling steam and counterstrike also reinstalling my display driver (it worked for a while then it started freezing again) i've updated my bios and yea... what am i doing wrong here? i've passed every test i've tried changing qpi and cpu pll still nothing. do i have a defective product? cpu, mobo, or gpu?
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  1. I would Guess its the Game... All of your System components should be fine. I would Try Resetting all your stock clocks (Write down all of your settings first) and see if that fixes it? any temp readings?

    Maybe faulty coding?

    Sounds like you are having fun...

    Good luck:D

    Edit= Sorry I see that you Did reset all stock settings...
    It could be faulty ram...
    Try using a blend torture test on prime 95 for 6+ hours, watch all your temps very carefully. if everything checks out then i guess Steam just screwed you over.
  2. Man i with some trouble here, io have a I7 930, Asus P6TD Delux and a Zalman 9700NT Cooler...

    I decided buy a zalman cooler because with a box cooler i got 80º at full load. without overclock.
    Fine... I changed the cooler and now with stock cores i have good temps i belive.

    Core1: 38º
    Core2: 34º
    Core3: 38º
    Core4: 33º

    At load:
    Core1: 62º
    Core2: 59º
    Core3: 60º
    Core4: 56º


    When i try overclock my system i got really high temps again.
    With 4ghz temps jump to 90º + easily!

    CPU configuration:
    Intel Core I7 930, P6TD Delux, Corsair HX 1000Watts, HD 5870 1gb GDDR5. Zalman 9700NT.

  3. 90+?

    Wow ok stop OCing those temps are way to high
    Did you remember to apply lots of Thermal paste to the cooler?
    That cooler should be fine with your setup

    Just read this through, im not trying to insult you in any way but could you have missed anything?


    Good luck :D
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