4850 did I pick the wrong one?

Hi I orded the ATI 4850 by HIS http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161235

My question is did i pick the wrong one? Does this version(maker) make the card run escpically hot compared to other versions of the card made by like sapphire and such.

Why does this card have a body or case thing on the top, is it suppose to remove heat?
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  1. well if you already ordered it; it is too late. suggestion with that card is to set the fan speed to 50%+ because reference designs really blow a hole in your pocket :p
  2. Is the HIS one the card that gets the hottest over the rest?
  3. HIS you choose is hotter....

    HIS mentioned below is cooler:
  4. Coolest HD4850 is:

    Palit HD4850 Sonic is OverClocked version... also cooler...but little noisy..
  5. Yes, you ordered the wrong one. Thats the reference design cooler, 70c+ temps and extremely loud. You needed the one with the IceQ4 cooler. Send them an email and cancel the order.
  6. dam, you know why the one i choose is so hot for? But is it the hottest out of all of the 4850's?
  7. Its the reference cooler, its garbage. Brand dosent matter if its got the reference cooler on them, they are equally too damn hot and too damn loud.
  8. FFS! what disadvantages am i looking at?
  9. A. The IceQ4 cooler runs around 35c idle on average, never tops 50c on load. Fan at 80-100% is inaudible over case fans.
    B. The reference cooler is looking at 65c idle average 80c+ with load with the fan cranked to around 50% with unbearable noise. I once had two of these in my system before I sold them to a buddy, had both fans at 100%, sounded like a shopvac. Temps were sitting around 63c idle. With the fan at the stock 20% or what not they were sitting on 80c.
  10. So ive got a reference cooler design, how do you tell?
  11. The stock cooler is perfectly fine, i removed the paste and put on as5 I'm idling at 53c at 40% fan speed(whisper) load never tops 70c at 60%(clearly audible but not loud). Not to mention these cards were designed to run at 90c without artifacting
  12. Being a noob i am a referance cooler is a stock cooler tenaciousleydead?

    Couldnt i just get a after market graphics cooler with the spare cash i get with a HIS 4850 over a more expensive better cooling 4850 and get better cooling?
  13. Yes reference cooler is the same as stock. You could buy an aftermarket, if you don't care about voiding any warranties. I doubt your gonna find an aftermarket cooler that's cheaper than a pre-installed one, but that is the next best choice
  14. Is it the better choice in terms of cooling? not worrying about the money side of things.
  15. As I said the 4850 is meant to run at high temperatures, its up to your own discretion. My 4850 has the stock cooler and I have no concerns with my temps(read above). Longevity wise I could not tell you, but cooler is always better if money is not a problem
  16. I have the 4850 with the stock cooler and it idles at 59 with the fan turned up to 30% (at 30% I don't hear a single thing from the fan). By the catalyst standards, that's not very high for that card. ATI designed the card to have high temps. The 4870 also idles at around 70 unless you get a card with an aftermarket cooler.
  17. Im still going to get the same performance though ay?

    Does applying new Artic silver termal paste viod the warrenty
  18. boygenius if you turned the fan up to 100% what would you expect the ide and load to be, with the stock cooler one.
  19. Yes, removing the HS voids the warranty. If you are going to do that, then get an aftermarket cooler.
  20. What after market graphics card cooler do you recommend? that will beat the best cooling on the best 4850.
  21. Buying a card with the reference cooler, then removing it and installing an aftermarket cooler is not only a waste of money and time but its a warranty voider. Its the weekend so the card hasnt shipped yet, send newegg an email like I susgested and cancel the order for that 4850 Bingy and also call them early monday morning, and just order one with a better cooler and save yourself...

    A. The extra money of having to buy a seperate cooler
    B. The hassle of having to remove/add a cooler
    C. Voiding the warranty
  22. I didnt order it from new egg cause i live in New Zealand and ordered there... plus i ordered all other hardware so i dont think i can just cancel one thing out of the wholeorder.

    I guess the HIS 4850 that i got still gives the same performance in games as others then theres nothing REAL problem.

    Would you know if the increased heat would shorten the life span of the card compared to say a better cooled 4850? If so how long would you expect? Id probaly be replacing this 4850 in the furture some time when I only manage to play games on low or very low settings.
  23. Ahh I assumed you ordered off Newegg since you linked from Newegg. Also, I dont think it would be a big deal if you canceled the whole order, you can just as easily redo the order with the new card.

    As far as heat goes, for me and some others its a big deal. You are talking about roughly twice + more heat being generated with the reference cooler. Also all that heat is dumped right back into the case, the reference design cooler does not eject the hot air out of the back of the case.
  24. do you recommend this card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102770

    as being the most bang for buck cooling 4850
  25. Preferably this one, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161244 . But if you cant find this one that yes, that one you linked is ok. Its a little light on the cooling but has decent reviews I guess, but it still dosent get the heat out of the case.
  26. Only problem is that the IceQ4 is $46 more dearer here, im looking for the most bang for buck.
  27. I ordered an X850 Pro and the hot sh!t cooler soon after. I changed the HS out in order to firmware OC to an X850 XT PE.

    It was all good... there was some artifacting due to memory, I think. It certainly wasn't due to heat.

    Back to earth.

    First, before you do anything, Install the damn thing and see what your temps are. Multiple programs will do it, I think. Maybe not, possibly no one is paying these guys for their work so they are getting less interested. I know that the "third party" software, that you talked about earlier, will easily clear any problems with heat. The only one that is updated enough, that I know of, is ATI Tray Tools. It controlled the fan on a 4850 a month or two ago but it just failed on a 4650, so results may vary.


    A hats off to those that offer their programs for free... relying on a few bucks from those that have gained... at their discretion. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Give, and you shall receive is distilled in the free program arena.
  28. After turning the fan up to 100% it cooled down to 40 degrees. I don't know what it is under load, but in general, the card goes up about 10 degrees under load, but that was at both 20 and 30% Since my card is a single slot, I am going to be purchasing a PCI slot fan to blow the hot air out since I have no air flow under the PCI Express slot. Some guys claim up to a 5 degree difference with their GPU. So at 100% with a PCI slot fan, you could get under 40 degrees but the fan is LOUD at 100%
  29. Managed to cancel the graphics card but keep the rest of my order. So ill order the graphics card seperately later on.

    So which 4850 should i get? I dont wont to spend as much as http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161244 and http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127370 cause im on a tight budget.

    what do people mean when they talk about rebate with a graphics card?
  30. Ha ha, don't be upset about how the order turns out.

    A rebate, with anything, is the way that they show a lower price and understand that only a small percentage of buyers will actually send in to get the money (REBATE) back.

    It is a marketing trick, you may get your money, you may not.
  31. Thanks, so which 4850 should i go for, not including those two i mentioned above.
  32. Go for the Palit 4850 Sonic edition.... it is alittle loud (no louder than the reference cooler) but it runs nice and cool and comes factory overclocked.

    i live in Australia so i assume prices would be similar... and here Palit is the 2nd cheapest the cheapest being GeCube.. but they have bad cooling etc.
  33. I dont really want a overclocked one, Id rather do it my self.

    In new zealand the sapphire one with the BIG FAN seems to be very popular. New egg also shows the sapphire one to be the most popualar with over 200 reviews
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