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Hi everybody,

A few months ago I read that HP is coming up with a new type of RAM that doesn't have to erase itself when the computer is shut down.

I read at Here is the link. :),2817,2320621,00.asp

Does anybody have an idea of when this tech will be coming out?
its supposed to be a very big improvement over the RAM we have now. Because we would have faster boot times and all the apps we had opened up would still be open when we rebooted the computer.

So does aanybody else know about this or is it just an unpopular article?

Any response is apppreciated :)

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  1. It seems to me that the memristor has several other applications, but is probably still far away from production.
    If you just want solid state RAM for faster boot times, etc, then probably something like MRAM from Freescale Semiconductor will come to market at a reasonable price sooner.
  2. Speaking from a Security point of view, the memristor could be a potential nightmare for those of us who
    deal with the removal of Malware, RootKits, BootKits, Worms, Viruses and other forms of Parsitical Crimeware.

    When you are trying to remove such stuff, you count on the memory being cleared by rebooting the system,
    a Cold Boot if necessary.

    Memristor memory would create a nightmare scenario and I'm sure the Malware authors would take
    advantage of this technology to make it that much harder to remove their crap.

    I would hope that if and when this technology comes out, that they'll at least include a jumper to clear
    the memory or a bios setting to disable it from retaining anything or a combination of both.
  3. Good point, I never thought of that.

    So would there be any advantage at all with this technology other than fast boot times etc.?

    Or this a flawed idea?
  4. Its not flawed... as Tom's posted not long ago virus's are already targetting parts of the system that would survive things like hard drive wipes. I'm sure any such system would implement a way of wiping the memory. I think the risk level is non-existant as long as there exists a way to force a wipe of the contents.,7400.html
  5. Well if the RAM was able withhold all programs then couldn't Anti virus companies make software that keeps the RAM locked or that can run virus checks and removals even when the computer is off?
  6. I believe I just read an article from '06 about a SDD being 4 ddr2 sticks with an UPS.
  7. What is SDD and UPS?
  8. He means SSD( Solid State Drive, look it up) and UPS refers to an Uninteruptable Power Supply. :D
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