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Hello, im setting my new gaming pc and im pretty sure of some of the choices ive made, but not too sure about the motherboard, the PSU and the processor that will suit best for me. im going to give you a list of what ive been considering for my new gaming rig, and want you to tell me wich one is the best choice.

basically i want my pc for lot of multitasking, and gaming like call of duty, counter strike, left 4 dead, crysis, portal, warcraft.

i can spend about 700$ to buy online from my country, and im only going to buy with this 700$:

video card

the other components ill buy them locally, like case, monitor, and stuff.

well the rig ive made is thiis

Intel quad-core q6600 or AMD Phenom quead-core 9950

EVGA Nvidia GTX260 896MB or Radeon HD 4850 512MB

i dont know wich brand of memory to choose. i do know i want 4GB DDR2, im looking here for the best price/performance range out there, preferibly memory from OCZ, g skill, or corsair, so i leave this one up to recommendation.

im totally lost in here, i dont know wich motherboard to choose, im looking for a price/performance product here aswell. i would like recommendations in here about mobos to support each of the components i mentioned before, lets say the q6600, the evga gtx260, and ocz ddr2 memory. im open in here, but if you can recommend me a ASUS mobo that would be perfect, altough if you think a gigabyte mobo will do it better, dont hesitate to tell me. im really looking for to try an asus mobo since ive heard theyre awesome. also if theres a mobo with wifi card integrated would be perfect, i dont like usb wifi sticks.

ive been reading great stuff about corsair and OCZ psu's, im also really looking forward to try one of these. you think a 750 watts psu be enough?

looking here for two 500GB disks or one 100GB for windows and linux, and a 1TB one for my data. i also want to know if buying a velociraptor 10.000rpm of about 60gb harddrive just for my operative systems to run faster will be a waste of money? since maybe the gaining performance wont woth it.

fans and coolers
wich brand and wich one will do the job to keep it nice and cool. price/performance apreciated here aswell.

also if you want to recommend me a cool case to fit all this :).

well i think this is it. thanks in advance
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  1. If you do not overclock and will not overclock this system then the AMD Phenom 9950 will give slightly better performance then the Q6600. However if you do overclock, even slightly, the Q6600 will outperform the 9950. Look for 2x2GB DDR2 800 1.8v RAM, the 1.8v is default settings and will give you fewer hassles, the tighter/lower the timings the better such as 5-4-4-12. For example a choice from newegg
    Any Asus P45 1600 fsb motherboard should be fine, if you may want to crossfire in the future you need to use an ATI graphic card (4850/4870) make sure it has 2 PCIex16 sockets , for reference links from Newegg.
    Budget motherboard with 1 socket
    motherboard with 2 sockets
    If you are only using a single graphic card, then pick the single socket motherboard and the GTX260 or GTX - 216.
    A 750w power supply will be more then enough for a single GTX 260 or crossfired 4850s. A good quality 550-650w power supply would be fine for a single GTX260 or crossfired 4850s. (again newegg for reference)
    For general all around performance a 640GB Western Digital hard drive

    Personally i'd go with the Q6600, single socket P45, GTX260 or the GTX260/216, any of the 3 power supplies listed, any 2x2 GB DDR2 1.8v RAM and the western Digital 640GB hard drive. I would not spend the extra money on the velociraptor. I like Scythe fans, but more for the quiet then anything else.
  2. +1 to what dirtmountain said
  3. nice. im glad i posted here, now im getting a more clear picture of what i can get. thanks a lot, if theres anyone else with recommendations please post them, they would be as helpful as the ones from previous users ;). thanks
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