How do I tie a hard drive serial number to a windows drive letter?

Hi Folks:
I need to do a low level format of one of my drives(not C:). I have 4 identical hard drives. The formatter that I have gives me the serial number but not the drive letter. I can't find in Vista where it maintains a serial number. Before I punch the button on a format, I'd like to be sure that Ive got the correct drive.
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  1. Write down the SNs and in Windows Explorer, rename each HDD to its SN - that's what I do on my non-RAID HDDs.
  2. You can also use a utility like "DiskCheckup" to display the drive's SMART data. Most drives include the serial number in the data that's shown.
  3. A true low level format would be outside of windows, and I think it can only be done by the BIOS, not an OS. Alternatively you could make truecrypt files and then copy and paste them to fill up your hard drive, and do that several times. Cryptographically secure is the best secure!

    You can also assign a drive a letter, and that follows the drive. Not sure how Windows tracks it, but I imagine it's some kind of unique identifier.
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