How can I keep GPU clcok and mem clock of my hd 4850 from changing?

With drivers 8.12 I have unlocked and enabled ATI overdrive on my sapphire HD 4850. I have set the GPU clock to 625 MHz and mem clock to 993 MHz. The problem is that when I am not playing any games the GPU clock and mem clock change, their numbers lower to conserve power etc. Is there a way to keep these values from changing wherever I am?
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  1. Why?

    They underclock because you don't need that much power/potential running 2D.

    What is the specific issue you are trying to resolve other than worrying about frequencies?
  2. I read that sometimes in game the GC thinks that it doesn't require that much MHz so it reduces the numbers resulting in a crash.
    If ziher is right, and it did help me in WC3, Q3 and now that im running MASS effect with FSAA forsed through drivers it darn right seems like the man is right. Your graphic card keeps throtling up and down during less stressfull 3D apps, because the Driver can't tell it which clock to keep. Keeping a lower clock meen conserving power which from that perspective is a good thing. However any 3D app has times at which it requires more power so running lower clocks is bad for performance hence more intensive apps run at the higher frequency. Problem occurs here when games or fullscreen programs aren really all that intensive yet still they need more kick - HENCE the driver keeps telling the GPU to swhich clock rate all the time (kind 'a like a frenzy) eventually resulting the driver to become unstable and your system freezes up with all those blocks and squares all over the screen. It's a bug, a beeeeg terrible one which bothers me plenty. .... Mass effect is a really intensive 3D game, but when you have to choose squad members the screen is simple 2D except for the pretty buttons, 3D cursos and lights mieaning the clock goen "bonkers" and me GPU freaks up on me - so I keep it stressed as much as I can forsing FSAA trhough CCC.

    third post. I was hoping for a different solution as the one posted.
  3. Read further, it sounds good, but it didn't fix people's issues, and really it doesn't make sense as they stated it.

    More about random issues in games than 2D underclocking. And you still didn't state YOUR specific problem other than pointing to reading about other people's problems.

    If you don't have a specific issue then reading about people pegging their freq in a mad attempt to randomly troubleshoot is as bad as doing it for no reason.
  4. VPU recovery, drivers keep reseting. It ticks every minute with most games and it freezes and crashes comp with M2TW. I was hoping this would fix the problem.
  5. what about your other system components? what about your PSU? i still havent spend a lot of time using my 4850 with m2tw, just spectate a historical battle and it so smooth considering the first time i played with it was with a fx5600 > 8600gt > 9600gt > now 4850.

    are you only experiencing your problem with m2tw?

    i had the same problems as yours the previous month, i kept on blaming the drivers and what not, turns out its not only a busted card but also a busted crappy AIB company.

    screenshot of the defective card:

    screenshot of the working card:

    notice the difference in memory types? a faulty bios may also be the culprit. it may sound a little off topic but its ground to have the card replaced/RMA immediately.
  6. Yeah I'm filling the RMA form from newegg right away.
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