Is there a way to transfer data using a router?

Hey there.

I am getting rid of an old computer but I wanted to get some data from my old computer onto my new one.

However, before I spend money on hardware that can help me do this, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way that I could transfer data quickly from my old computer to my new one using my router?

They are both connected to the same router so I thought maybe there is a way that I could download the data from my old computer using my new one.

A sort of C++ P2P kinda thing that university students do on their networks.

Is it possible for me and my 2 computer?


- Jacky
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  1. Just copy it from one to another.

    Make sure you set file sharing to okay on both and make them part of the same workgroup and if they are on the same home network they should see each other.

    Put all the data you want transferred into a shared folder and it should be easy enough.,
  2. Hey thanks for the reply!

    But I'm not sure what you mean..?

    Where do I go to follow your instructions?

    I'm not exactly sure...

    My router name is DLINK and I opened the controls for it in my browser but I'm not sure where to go from there.

    Also... I do have a cap limit on my Internet bandwith, will this count towards the bandwith?
  3. Hi, it will not use the internet, this will be simply computer to computer.

    If you go into control panel you should see a networking and file sharing or something similar if on xp. There you can setup file sharing.

    If you then go into system, you can change the workgroup name, should by default be the same.

    Then you should have a shared folder, if not then right click the folder you want to share and click the sharing tab and allow it there.
  4. Strangestranger has outlined what you need to do. But realize that this is NOT done in the router. What you are doing on EACH of your two computers is set them up to use a local network in your home. It happens that the router is a part of this, but you don't have to change anything in it to do the job. Once the two computers can "see" each other and share access to each others' files and drives, you can just copy files from one drive to another in My Computer.
  5. Not using a router, but look up Windows Easy Transfer.
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