Overclocking Asus p6t and i7 920

JustAnswer is asking me to answer your question -- "Hello there, I am trying to overclock my Asus p6t with i7 920 to a decent overclock
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  1. Hello,
    The answer to the question is the answer to all questions, if an answer was asked and didn't have a question it wouldn't be an answer at all.
  2. just like this answer wasn't lol. I tried to delete this thread after realising i had made a mistake although the system didnt let me do that. So I asked the complete question in another thread with a similar title: 'overclocking Asus p6t and i7 920 HELP' .....Thanks anyways ;)
  3. Contact a mod (4ryan or randomizer) and ask them to delete this thread.
  4. OH, we were just getting all philosophical here.
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