DDR3 timings with Q6600 3ghz OC.

Hi guys, thanks for your help in the past :-) I'm currently OCing my P35c-Ds3r and q6600 with 2 2 gig sticks of Corsair ddr3 1333. I've set the bus speed at 334 times 9 to make it 2 gig total and the RAM timings are now 10 10 10 25 with 2:1 fsb:dram. Should I change anything? Thanks for the help, I'm a bit new at this :-)
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  1. With a 333 MHz FSB, you should be able to run your memory at 1:1. A 333 MHz FSB matches DDR3-1333 (4 X 333) RAM.

    And your RAM timings seem slow. What are your RAM specs?
  2. Thanks for the reply. My RAM's part number is CM3X2G1333C9. I'll try changing to 1:1 with 333.
  3. I tried to change the multiplier to 4.0 but CPUZ is still showing FSB:DRAWM 1:2 with DRAM of 666. I've changed the timings to 9 9 9 24. Any help woudl be appreciated. Thanks, Ant.
  4. DDR means double data rate therefore 666 x 2(double) = 1333mhz

    those Ram timings are a bit low. what brand are you running (To lazy to Google your part number) don't change the FSB : Dram Ratio, your MOBO should crank it when you OC your CPU
  5. I'm running Corsair RAM, specs can be seen here although it's a slightly different part number I think it's the same http://zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=10009555. What woudl you recommend I try to set the timings at? Also is there any way to get the FSB:DRAM to 1:1. CPUZ says 1:2 even though the FSB is 333. I thought that matched? Thanks again.
  6. It's saying 1:2 because the FSB is 333, so DDR double data rate makes it 666, which then with the 1:2 ratio makes it 1332 mhz. Does this then mean that there is no way to get the FSB:DRAM to 1:1 as I'd have to set the FSB to 666?
  7. Personally i Don't OC Ram, The performance benefits are marginal.

    1:2 means that the FSB is 333 And the Ram Mhz rating is 666 And since the ram is DDR the MHz rating is actually 1333mhz (Rounding up).

    IF you Could set your FSB to 666 There would be a puff of smoke and then the smell of burning silicone micro processors (your Cpu Cooking Itself).

    Are you sure it's that ram? Cause that ram's CAS rating is 7 (CL7) Therefore the ram timings on that would likely be 7-7-7-21.

    EDIT = Spelling Mistakes
  8. No A 666 FSB would be roughly 2666MHZ FSB (Insanely High)

    Just run the ram at the advertised 9-9-9-24 @ 1333MHZ For Stability...
    Any more OC'ing With the ram Would just be pointless.

    Happy Computing :D
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