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I am fixing my bros computer. He has Dell dimension e521. The problem is that his mouse or his keyboard suddenly stopped working. He turned on computer and he wanted to click on his loging to sign in but the mouse wouldnt work. So I checked all the usb ports (I pluged in iphone to the usb to check if the usb working and it suppose to say its charging but it didnt say anything in all the usb ports). I cant do anything cause his motherboard is only made for usb it doesnt have ps2 u know the green and dark pink color for mouse and keyboard only usb. So i checked maybe the mouse or keyboard r messed up..i checked like 7 of my mouse i had nothing. *I can not go to bios if the usb ports r turned off, cause it requires to press dell or f12 cause the keyboard doesnt work.
WHat might be the problem i need help. WHat i did i bough on ebay usb hub that plugs in to the motherboard with 5 usb ports idk if that going to help. Cause what if i installed this and it will request now you have to install the drivers how am I going to do it without the mouse and keyboard?

Please help
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