Looking for an external device that can plug different hard drives

After upgrading to larger and larger hard drives over the years, now I have a number of hard drives sitting uselessly around without a place for them in any of my computers. They are various sizes from 80 to 250 GB and most are IDE but on some it says ATA or PATA. I wonder if I can use them for storing backups and archives with some enclosure like USB that can allow me easily to change drives and connect them to my computer.
I already have one external USB drive and I can disassemble it and attach other hard drives but, first by some reason when I change disks Windows 7 and before Vista want to initialize them which will erase the data, and second even if this was working it is very inconvenient to disassemble and assemble the enclosure for each drive. So I'm looking for some convenient device that I can easily plug and unplug these kind of drives.

Any ideas?
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