Motherboard and KVM conflict help needed please...

I am hoping someone with more technical knowledge on here has already come across and conquered this problem

Most of the new motherboards seem to be shipping with just one PS2 port now which means either the keyboard or mouse needs to be connected via USB, normally this would be fine but I like many other people use a KVM which due to problems with accessing the keyboard in the bios is a PS2 version

The problem is that although you can get USB to PS2 converters they emulate ps2 signals which ontop of the KVM PS2 emulation makes the PC either sporadically find and forget whichever device is plugged into the USB port or just wont recognise it at all

I found this out when I bough a gigabyte board and so far gigabyte have claimed its the KVM manufacturers fault and offer no help, the KVM manufacturer blames the motherboard and despite there being thousands of threads all over the net about this claim to be unaware of the problem and the supplier is saying its not a "fault" of the motherboard and are refusing to have the board back

So either I need to find a solution or buy two new motherboards and have a new £70 one that I cant use so any help would be appreciated

If I do have to replace it I have been looking at the M4A87TD Evo which gives me USB and Sata 3 along with an esata port which are the features I wanted to upgrade to, but if anyone has any other decent suggestions for a reliable board with those features AND 2x PS2 ports then that would also be appreciated incase I do end up having to change the motherboard

The board I am having problems with is the MA78LMT-US2H and windoze XP but I would imagine its a generic problem to any motherboard with a PS2 KVM hanging from it that doesnt support DDM (which is WAAAAY too expensive to upgrade the KVM to have LOL)

Many thanks in advance

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  1. I don't have an answer for your specific issues, but I did experience something similar a few years ago. In my case I solved it by using the KVM for just the keyboard and using two mice.

    The reason I even had two PCs was to have two PCs running two versions of Windows for software testing, but I now use virtual machines for that!
  2. I'm having to use two mice at the moment which it "cheesing" me off tbh lol

    I have three PCs permanently connected via the KVM, and the fourth set of cables is for machines I'm setting up so having four mice on the desk would be surreal but thanks for reading the thread and contributing

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