Making sure everything is okay and could use a little help with bios

trying to make sure my bios is good to go and some advice on getting started on ocing

amd 955 c3
4 gb adata 1600

any advice would be great thanks
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  1. I should have been more specific on what I need . If at all possible I would love a run down on the bios configs and make sure my ran and everything is good to go and just a little push on the oc so I can start playing with it. baa I know its a lot to ask
  2. hey guys sorry just playing with multiplyer I maxed out the temp. It didnt crash but read that 62 C is max on 955 c3 is this true or should I run it till it crashes?
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    Some advice:
    - do not let the CPU temps pass 60c. Get a better cooler if you want to go further.
    - run stress testing software while tweaking (e.g. prime95) to make sure that it is stable
    - run stability tests for about an hour or so to ensure that your OC is stable. Be sure to monitor temps closely.
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