HDD Vibration Tolerance

How much vibration can a typical hard drive tolerate without shortening its lifespan?

The reason I ask is that my Dad has a 550W RMS Stereo + 2x 200W Powered Subs on a hard wood floor barely 10 feet away from my PC. It's so loud that you can hear it a half of a mile away over all the cars and you can feel the vibrations on pavement 75 feet away, or more.

My common sense tells me that's not good for an HDD. What do you guys think?
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  1. If your hard drive is mounted securely, a sub probably won't create more vibrations than the drive makes itself.

    Sound is basically vibration of air but inside a case, the air movement probably wouldn't even reach the drive and would dapen the sound a lot.

    Normal hard drives are rated for 600k hours which is about 3% failure over 5 years very reliable if it works out of the box. I wouldn't worry.
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