Problems with new palit hd4870 1gb sonic

Hi All

installed my new palit hd47870 over xmas to replace my xfx8800gt but having issues with the new card I am getting in game (multiplayer) black squares flickering on screen, white dotted lines around the water and poor map loading im running

E6600 @3gb
asrock penryn1600-11d mobo
4gb ocz 800hrz platinum
32 bit vista
hanns-g 22' monitor
catarlyst 8.12 for gfx card
any ideas would be great as didnt have any problems with my 8800gt and this was ment as an uograde :cry:

cheers Dave
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  1. Drivers, drivers, drivers.

    Switching from a nVidia card to an ATi isn't just plugging out and plugging in.

    You have to remove EVERYTHING that has to do with nVidia.
    Use Driversweeper in save mode for example, make sure EVERYTHING has been removed, after that, install 8.12.
  2. I had run driver cleaner in normal windows and got rid of a lot of trash just ran it in safe mode and found some more will let you now how it goes

    Thanks Dave
  3. seem to have got rid of the black squares well good enough I dont notice in game but still have the white dotted edges to the water, drivers crashing and long load time for maps????
  4. how about your PSU? and what kind of multiplayer games are you playing?

    im telling you, you'll be blown away as soon as you figure out how to make that 4870 work.

    and if its possible, you can also try to do a fresh OS install.
  5. Hi the PSU is a coolermaster real power M700 sli Im playing COD WaW at the moment and is the only game installed as the system is only a month old

    a OS reinstall might be possible but not till I get backto work :D

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