Seagate 7200.11 what kind of error?

Hi guys! I have read a lot of the 7200.11 BSY error and how to fix it.
The thing is that I didn't even realized I had one before my Iomega external drive just drop dead =) But after open that up I now know that I owe one!

The thing is that I get both the classic CLICK noise + it is not even recognized in the bios. Could this still be the BSY error? I have read like 20 guides and people with the BSY problem but none that mention click noise....

The clicks are not the usual click, click, click it is more

Click wait 10 seconds Click wait 10 seconds and that is how it repeats. Cannot find it with Seatools or in Bios.

Worth trying the flash mod ?

Would be more than happy with some inputs on this. Thanks!
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  1. 7200.11 got firmware problem.
    you can flash it or RMA
  2. there are several online guides to repairing the .11's or you can send it back to seagate
  3. Thanks for your inputs but this is not what I asked about and I know all about this.
    What I don't know is will the BSY mode that is a firmware bug also make the disk click "sound like dead hdd" ?

    I wonder because if the click noise is not related to the BSY or / and firmware issue it mean I will send it into a clean room so they can take out the data. I know it will cost a lot thou! Done it before =)
  4. Clicking Noise Problem

    In October 2009, a "clicking" noise problem was identified on external and barracuda drives from Seagate. The symptoms are frequent clicking sounds which interrupt the data reading on the hard drive. These problems have been reported on the Seagate forum[31] and in an article from PC Pro (UK).[32] Some participants in the aforementioned Seagate forum report successfully remedying the problem by replacing the USB cable Seagate provides with a higher-quality one or by re-routing the cable to avoid radio frequency interference from other cables.[33] The click of death has most commonly been seen in models where (ST3500641AS) is stated on the box but on the hard drive itself is (ST3500320AS).
  5. Awesome, thanks for the info man! Then I will try the "home made BSY fix" on the drives. It must be something with that ... at least I am sure enough to give it a try even if they will go to the grave =D

    You guys rules!
  6. good luck
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