Problems installing windows xp hard drive

Hello,im having problems with installing a xp hardrive onto a windows vista, i get to the setup and it says an error has ouccred. I would like to know what am i doing wrong.
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  1. are you trying to have a dual boot system?
  2. yes i have a old xp install disk and put in a new hardrive and trying to download it to my old vista computer, but it wont work i dont know if it is the disk or hardrive
  3. You need to clean up the terms you use here so it's clear what you are doing. Download means to save a file from the internet.

    You got a new hard-drive, installed it in an existing computer and are trying to install XP on that hard-drive? Or did you replace the hard-drive? How are you installing it, did you get to pick the disk to install on? Format the disk? What is the exact error?
  4. I installed a new hard drive into a Gateway laptop that ran Vista. There was no disc that came with the computer to re-install Vista, however I have a window's Vista bar code numbe for which I can find no use. From an old Gateway desktop[ that was a restore xp cd. cd I installed that cd but no windows program is found. from a Dell laptop I tried to install windows xp cd. It will not accept this either. the message is that there is no hard drive. The hard drive is installed correctly. I cannot get it to recognize any operating system. can you help?
  5. That XP disk you have won't install on the computer because you are missing the SATA drivers on it. The best way of getting this fixed is to contact Gateway and ask them to get you a restore disk for your laptop. It may cost a bit, but any other method is not easy.

    If you want to get this to work, and it may not, get an XP SP3 OEM disk that will detect the SATA drive. Even then it's not guarateed to work with the code you have.
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