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So basically I am probably buying a customized pc with MSI G31M3-F Motherboard. Now I am going to choose integrated graphics because I want to put my own graphics card in (their options are pitiful). I was reading the FAQ and the best for around 100 is the 8800 GT. I have been reading that its a PCI-E slot, which this motherboard has but it says whenever I search for it on tigerdirect or newegg its DDR3, the motherboard only supports DDR2 memory, is the graphical memory and RAm different? Will my motherboard support the 8800 GT. Am I just getting DDR2 and DDR3 (for graphics cards / ram) mixed up? Just trying t make sure here, I would think my motherboard can run:
Correct? ALso what is the deal with PCIe 2.0?
Not sure if there is also a better GeForce 8800 out there for around the same price, if there is please let me know.
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  1. Ok so first if the motherboard has a PCIE slot then it will run any card that goes in a PCIE slot. A card that is PCIE 2.0 will run in a 1.0 slot and a 1.0 card will also run in a 2.0 slot.
    The memory dosent matter, System RAM dosent have to match graphics RAM. Your motherboard can only run DDR2, but your graphics card could be DDR2/GDDR2 GDDR3 or 4 or 5 it will still run.
    Card wise, well what monitor size/ resolution are we talking here ? My personal preferance up to about a 22" screen would be a HD4850. While the 8800 series isnt a bad card they are getting on a bit now and the 4850 while about $30 more will be noticably better than the 8800 cards.

  2. Okay the monitor I bought was
    Acer X193W+BD Black 19" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 2000:1 (ACM)

    What do you suggest then?
  3. +1 HD4850.
  4. Well personally i would go with the HD4850 for around that price point. What CPU is this machine running by the way ? If its not about 2.4 GHZ core 2 then its not going to feed a 4850 properly anyway and you may as well stick to the 8800.

  5. It'll either be a 2.66 duo core or a 3.0 duo core, haven't decided yet.
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