How to get overclock speed to stay on AMD Overdrive?

Basically I run a AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2ghz black edition processor and I am using the AMD Overdrive Utility to overclock it to about 3.8ghz. Everytime I change the settings It says they are changed and applied under AMD Overdrive but under properties in MY COMPUTER it still says 3.2ghz... How do I get it to read 3.8ghz and stay everytime I turn on my computer?
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  1. First off stop using AMD overdrive its not tha hard to overclock via the bios. The black edition CPU's make overclocking pretty easy just go in to bios and increase the multiplier and Vcore voltage as needed. Their are other settings you could mess with but to achieve 3.8 you should be ok just by increasing your multiplier.

    Use CPU-Z to check your frequency.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^
    Agrees with this
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