Core i7 920 & Akasa Nero AK-967


Recently bought a brand new Akasa Nero Ak-967 and i still find the temps of my cpu kinda high.

I got a silverstone raven rv01 case(has its mobo rotated by 90 degrees)and i've set the cooler as seen in this pic i found on the net: so it is properly mounted.The paste i used was arctic silver 5 and i applied a vertical line then mounted the cooler as Arctic silver suggests.

As for idle temps on stock speed of 2.66(turbo technology disabled)using Real temp/CPUID HW Monitor:

Core #1 44c
Core #2 42c
Core #3 43c
Core #4 41c

Idle temps, the cpu fan runs @ 640rpm when idle and up to 1200 under heavy load(Prime95)but there is a bios setting, which disables fan control and makes it run at 100% which is 1750 RPM.While running Prime95, temps play at 68-72celcius.

I also heard that arctic silver 5 has a so-called burn-in period, could it be the cause?I installed this 4 days ago.Or am i just expecting too much from this cooler?
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  1. I've never even heard of that cooler, if it makes a difference. It doesn't look to be of the same caliber as most of the other tower coolers. That is a very high idle temp (about that of the stock cooler), and ok load temps.

    TBH, I'd get another cooler. The Core Contact Freezer is probably the best you can get for the least amount of money (ranked in the top 5 for Intel coolers on Frosty Tech), and can be had for about $35 (sometimes even less).

    Also, AS5 has a break-in period of about 200 hours, best done in on-off cycles of about 8 hours each.
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