How to overclock 5870 video cards?

This is my first time overclocking a video card so I know nothing about adjusting the voltages and by how much a video card can overclocked compared to a CPU.

I went to CCC ATI Overdrive and increased the GPU clock and Memory Clock while ATI Tool 3d view is running and after increasing the clocks some more (I can't remember the numbers) my computer freezes and my screen displayed a blue background (not a BSOD just a blue background) and had to turn off the computer via the power button. This happened again after a couple of hours, but this time while benchmarking with resident evil 5 on highest settings and setting the GPU clock: 935 mhz / Memory Clock: 1270 Mhz with ATI Overdrive. The video card temerature was about 63-66 celsius during the benchmark.

Why did that happed, do I need to increase voltage?
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  1. What size and brand PSU do you have?
    First try running everything at stock and lower than max clocks in ATI Tool.
  2. You'd probably have to increase voltage, using something like MSI Afterburner, but I'd run your card at slightly faster than stock first to see if crashes at all, then run it at around 915MHz/1240MHz, see if it crashes, if it doesn't, go up in a few MHz intervals from there on. If it does crash, go to 900/1220, and go from there.
  3. I have a Gigabyte Superb 720W power supply which has an average of 610W and a peak of 720W.

    I tried to use MSI Afterburner but it seems that I can't change or even monitor the voltage on this 5870 eventhough I enabled the voltage monitoring option in MSI Afterburner.

    My Exact Video Card is the Powercolor 5870 (PCS+)

    Catalyst ATI Overdrive gives me a maximum overclock of 1000/1450 with a default of 875/1225
  4. I have the XFX 5850 BE, and after installing MSI afterburner, I raised the voltage to 1.200, and was able to go 950/1250.
    That is more that your stock setting.

    MSI afterburner, will allow you to adjust the voltage. The go up a little at a time Core/Mhz.
    Stress test it, and keep going. Fine the sweet spot and enjoy

    My system, I-7 920 OC to 3.6ghz
    6gigs of ram
    The video card above.

    FPS in BFBC2, is 70 avg. all setting max out.

    Get the newest Catalyst drivers, 10.4 is out.

    Again enjoy, and over clock that bad boy :D
  5. sjohn58 said:
    I have the XFX 5850 BE, and after installing MSI afterburner, I raised the voltage to 1.200, and was able to go 950/1250.

    Damn! :whistle:
    Now That Is an OC! Nice Job Man!

    Darkstar there is nothing else to say. everything you could do has already been stated. You are in good hands.

    Good Luck!:D
  6. Hmm I'm running a Radeon 5850, and in the ATI Catalyst/Overdrive menu it can only max out at 775/1125...
    I should check out this MSI Afterburner.
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